Flexible Ceramic Tile

Vanjoin eco-material is a new energy saving high-tech ecological products. Our product adopts natural modified mineral powder as aggregates, green plant fiber and other natural polymers as the reinforced materials, and is formed through light enzyme irradiation reaction. The whole production process realized zero pollution. It is a real new environmental protection material,which can be widely applied to various places of building constructions, there by saving energy and recycling.


Q: What do you use to stick flexible wall tile to the surface?

A: Can use Vanjoin patented adhesive to stick the flexible tile (with a guarantee of non-fallen within 70 years). Also you can buy ceramic tile glue or other type of glue to stick (Suggest first to check with Vanjoin).


Q: What is the weight of flexible wall tiles?

A: It's net weight is about 0.06kg/ pcs for 60*240mm split bricks. 0.6-1kg/ pcs for 580*280mm size stone, wood and leather tiles series. (Remarks: Estimate about 4-8kg/m2 for different series of Vanjoin flexible tiles.)


Q: Life Span of Vanjoin flexible tiles?

A: Can use for 50-70 years.


Q: Temperature can this flexible split brick sustain?

A: It can sustain a temp of -60℃~60℃.


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